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Why us?

  • Comprehensive Solution 5 ENTITIES within DayaLima will provide integrated Human Resource Development & Leadership Solutions along with system, process & technology enabler.
  • International presence Asean + AUS Up to 2013 Dayalima has branch offices in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney in order to serve wider global market.
  • Vast portfolio +150 clients Active Clients in current engagement with various solutions In Multiple Industries.
  • Proven +15 years Experience in providing comprehensive Human Resource Development & Leadership Solutions in Indonesia.
  • Research Based C.A.B.E.R Is supported by DDI’s Center for Applied Behavioral Research (CABER) located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. We represent global thought leaders, tailored in local situation.
  • Capability +250 Professional consultants, analysts, facilitators, assessors and recruiters equipped with international certifications, standards and qualifications.
  • Indonesia Norm +25,000 Indonesian professionals and executives has been through our assessment center methodology and/or leadership & workforce development solutions.
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2016 Top Leadership Training Companies

For the seventh years in a row, DDI named as the Top 20 Leadership Training  Companies. Find out more.

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Sanggahan dan Klarifikasi Dalam Hal Penipuan Iklan Rekrutmen

Dengan hormat,

Sehubungan dengan beredarnya Surat No. B – 120/12/DAYALIMA/2016 perihal: Panggilan Tahapan Seleksi PT Daya Lima Recruitment, tertanggal 10 Februari 2016, 11 Februari 2016, maupun tanggal-tanggal lainnya, yang pada pokoknya……. view more

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Pemerintahan yang Dinamis Menjawab Perubahan

Indonesia adalah negara yang dikarunia begitu banyak perbedaan. Tidak banyak, kalau tidak ingin menyebut tidak ada sama sekali, keragaman yang dimiliki oleh sebuah negara seperti Indonesia. Keragaman ini bisa kita lihat secara georafis dan sosio kultural. Selain itu, perbedaan juga terjadi pada bagaimana republik ini dikelola.
Secara geografis, republik ini membentang dari Merauke sampai Sabang yang terdiri dari belasan ribu pulau dan dihubungkan oleh perairan yang sangat kaya. Konsep “laut/perairan yang menghubungkan pulau” sendiri merupakan konstruksi yang dibangun oleh republik. Konsep ini merupakan konsep yang menggantikan paradigma sebelumnya yang mengatakan bahwa “laut/perairan adalah pemisah pulau/daratan”.

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Manager Ready

Manager Ready® is a breakthrough frontline leader assessment that delivers the same quality of diagnosis as a full-blown assessment center at a fraction of the cost.  Participants engage in situations where they interact with team members, take action, and solve problems.  These real-world situations provide a highly accurate measurement of a participant’s readiness for frontline leadership positions.
Manager Ready® measures the nine competencies most critical for success in a frontline leadership position: Coaching for Success, Coaching for Improvement, Managing Relationships, Guiding Interactions, Problem Analysis, Judgment, Delegation & Empowerment, Gaining Commitment, and Planning & Organizing.
Contact our Account Executive for more details.

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Congress of Indonesia Diaspora

Congress of Indonesia Diaspora (CID) is an event aims to inspire Indonesian diaspora communities to connect and to unite themselves into one big community and create a tangible force in order to achieve a better Indonesia. The event also aims to foster and implement concrete initiatives to empower Indonesian communities worldwide. CID will be a landmark event that can create a paradigm shift in what it means to be part of the Indonesian Diaspora in the 21st century.

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Meeting Tomorrow’s Bussiness Challenges: Mapping Indonesia’s Talent

In the current era where the environment changes in a matter of days, many (if not all) leaders are spending a lot of time preparing for the unpredictable. Planning, forecasting, and training simply cannot work if the environment that you are preparing for never actually appears. This year, ASEAN will integrate to become a single community and implementation becomes more critical than strategy. As Indonesia’s potential is starting to attract many global investors, its human capital urgently needs to catch up.

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Assessment Center dan Pengembangan Manusia

Assessment Center dan Pengembangan Manusia – Salah Satu Langkah Menuju Indonesia Maju
Memasuki era Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA), Indonesia dihadapkan pada sejumlah tantangan, khususnya terkait kemampuan sumber daya manusia yang berkualitas dan mampu bersaing dengan negara lain. Untuk itu, pengembangan manusia yang memiliki karakter kuat dan daya saing tinggi, menjadi hal yang perlu diimplementasikan secara terintegrasi dan menyeluruh ditatanan masyarakat pada umumnya dan di berbagai organisasi pada khususnya. Langkah yang diharapkan menjadi salah satu upaya untuk menciptakan Indonesia maju. Di dalam tatanan organisasi, keberlangsungan pengembangan manusia adalah tanggung jawab para pemimpin. Memilih dan mengembangkan pemimpin yang bisa menjadi panutan perilaku berintegritas menjadi kunci sukses proses pengembangan manusia secara menyeluruh.

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Leadership Energy Summit Asia

When the going gets tough, when most leaders give up, there will be those who find the fuel to keep going. At Iclif, we call this fuel leadership energy, a deep intrinsic energy that can neither be learned nor acquired. Instead, we will help you discover it within yourself; through clarity of purpose, clarity of values and the ability to use and harness the power of your mind.

At the Leadership Energy Summit Asia (LESA) you will hear from courageous leaders who have harnessed the power of leadership energy to succeed. Learn also from the experts in the fields of neurosciences, quantum physics and mindfulness. Can human thought, intention and attention influence health, performance and even physical reality?

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Don’t loose sight on the number one thing that drives performance

Don’t loose sight on the number one thing that drives performance