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A world-class consulting firm that helps leaders in finding, developing, and managing the right people to achieve real business impact with highest level of ethical standards. We are a leadership company.

 DayaLima is a team of passionate people with positive attitude and aspiration to create impact in society.

 We are committed to meet the human-capital development requirements of companies through a group of four organizations consisting of Daya Dimensi Indonesia, Daya Dimensi Global, DayaLima Recruitment and Yayasan Indonesia Lebih Baik (Foundation For A Better Indonesia). Through DayaLima, we ai

Dayalima Recruitment is a part of the leading HR consulting group in Indonesia, Daya Dimensi Indonesia.

Founded in 1998, Daya Dimensi Indonesia originally specialized in talent management and assessment, Daya Dimensi Indonesia’s excellent business conduct through the period of political and social turmoil in Indonesia has led clients to demand for a new function: Recruitment.

The year 2000 was an important milestone as the company started a new business program to perform recruitment services. In the years that followed, the mere ‘business program’ grew successfully and served more diverse clients with different talent requirements.

Finally, to maintain integrity and serve the clients better, the ‘business program’ was transformed into an independent entity, Dayalima Recruitment, in 2012. Today, Dayalima Recruitment has evolved as a company that provides full recruitment services for individual assignment and project recruitment. Our portfolio includes successful placements of potential talents from mid-level to senior level position in various industries.

Yayasan Indonesia Lebih Baik (YILB) is our non-profit organization dedicated to public society and communities - with educational programs, gender equality, art and culture.

We believe that responsibility to build better Indonesia lies in the hands of each and every Indonesian people. Yayasan Indonesia Lebih Baik continuously committed in escalating potential and proficiency of many individuals, organizations, and communities, to share a transcending contribution for betterment of the nation.

In collaboration with SuccessFactors, one of the fastest growing software company in the world, DDG provides state-of-art human resources software's that help companies optimize their HR (Human Resources) system. Modern technology allows client to run a more efficient HR management, giving their more room to focus on other aspects of their business.

In Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, DDG is on its way to be a steady regional player, serving seven other countries in Asia Pacific. Our services include program implementation to ensure high level engagement and adoption of organizational talent management system.