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"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb.


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The Global Authority on Workplace Culture

Great Place To Work® Certification™ helps companies attract and retain top talent, improve productivity, enhance reputation, and gain valuable insights into their workplace culture. Learning a new process can be a bit confusing and Great Place To Work® is happy to assist organizations that are beginning their Certification journey.

Partners: GPTW
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Bringing 'Experiential' to Talent Transformation

KNOLSKAPE creates experiential solutions that transform your organization into a modern workforce. Our core belief is that desired business outcomes are achieved best with an engaged workforce, but traditional methodologies for doing so require a new, more updated approach. Keeping with this philosophy, we develop engaging, immersive and experiential solutions for talent assessment, development and engagement.

Partners: Knolskape


Rumah Mentor Indonesia

Rumah Mentor Indonesia (RUMI) or House of Mentors of Indonesia, is an incorporated association that acts as a platform for gathering extraordinary business leaders in Indonesia, with a passion for developing human resources to promote other Indonesian executive leaders, through a curated guidance mentoring program and fostering a culture of building talents among fellow leaders. RUMI is designed as a synergy of leaders across sectors and industries that supports the government's vision in building a better Indonesia through quality human resources.

Partners: RUMI
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BTS Consulting

BTS is a consultancy specializing in the people side of strategy. For over three decades BTS has been designing powerful experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on businesses and their people. BTS helps the world’s leading companies turn strategy into results.


BTS' next-generation approach combines deep business knowledge with transformational development to help your people and your company evolve together. BTS equips leaders for tomorrow, inspires new ways of thinking, and builds critical capabilities. BTS makes strategy personal.

Partners: BTS
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Behaviour-Based Assessments

Arctic Shores builds assessments with a twist: they ask no questions. Instead, they use interactive, mobile-friendly tasks to measure candidates’ work-relevant behaviour. By capturing traits like creativity and learning agility, employers can make faster, fairer and more confident hires. But that’s not all. Employers don’t just see more – they also provide a more relaxed, engaging experience for candidates. So everyone can enjoy a better process, whether you’re an employer or a candidate.

Partners: Arctic Shores


The Next Generation of Learning

Skillsoft is an American educational technology company that produces learning management system software and content. Skillsoft engages learners with interactive videos and practical simulations; helping learners with personalised experience, learner-centred design, find content quickly, demonstrate learning impact, accelerate learning, and drive engagement.

Partners: Skillsoft
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Enabling Purposeful Change

The Leadership Tree is a global collective of professionals committed to enabling individuals and organisations expand their mindsets and behaviour in ways that create positive and purposeful change. The Leadership Tree partners with organisations in six key areas: leadership development, team alignment, facilitator development, executive coaching, mindfulness & resilience, and culture transformation.

Partners: The Leadership Tree


Enterprise AI

Pinsight provides automated machine learning platform which allows to conduct predictive analytics and extract actionable insight with a click of a button. Through disruptive first-to-market leadership assessments and development solutions, Pinsight combined the latest technology with artificial intelligence and behavioral science to meet the increasingly complex challenges of global corporations.

Partners: Pinsight


Values 20

A global community of values experts and practitioners that seeks to actively engage with the Group of Twenty (G20) as well as wants to add depth to the understanding of values in public policy with the goal of providing the G20 with evidence-based, human-centered policy solutions that contribute to overcoming global challenges. V20 launched in 2020, focusing on the 'Value of Values' and continued our journey in 2021, focusing on 'Values in Action'. Our global community has produced, and will continue to do so, high impact policies and recommendations that were presented to the G20 Heads of State for their consideration and activation. CEO of Daya Dimensi Indonesia, Yuri Yogaswara, and Meike Malaon, DayaLima Abisatya Board of Commissioner, are the Co-Chairs of V20 2022 following Nenilai appointment as this year's Organizing Comittee.

Partners: V20
Partners: Universitas Indonesia
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Veritas, Probitas, Justitia

Being the oldest state-run university in Indonesia with more than 160 years of experience in education, Universitas Indonesia has been imperative and influential to the sustainable development of the nation by committing to education and research. Universitas Indonesia prided its reputation as one of the nation’s top universities, being the best in Indonesia for graduate employability (QS World University Ranking 2022), and ranked 85th on impact rankings worldwide (The Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2021). Daya Dimensi Indonesia and Universitas Indonesia partner to prepare postgraduate students at Magister Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis in facing real-world leadership challenges. Students can also learn at Daya Dimensi Indonesia room at Gedung Prof. Wahjudi Prakarsa Program Studi MM-FEBUI, Salemba, Jakarta Pusat.

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